Sacred Ceremony Zoom Call

Recorded on 3rd Aug Full Moon in Aquarius

Please enjoy this recording below:


  • Set an Intention. Create a simple or elaborate Altar - this is for anchoring your intention with a physical/practical connection.
  • Calling in your guides, ancestors, deities for support. 
  • e.g: Goddess Artemis (goddess of Birth/Birth Protector); Lady Luna (the moon, the celestial body that is symbolic of women/the womb and motherhood); ArchAngel Haniel or Archangel Gabriel (angels of the womb and birth); Danu (the Irish Mother Force).... 
  • additionally [Egyptian: Hathor or Isis, Asian/Tibetan Buddhism: The Green Tara, Hindu/Sanskrit Deities: Shakti or Kali, Planetary/Celestial: Ceres or Vesta]
  • Mother Earth/ Gaia/ Pachamama Below
  • The Mother of All Creation, The Madonna, Amma Above
  • Surrounded by a tribe of women and mothers going through this stage with you now. 
  • Held in a bubble of Radiant Abundant Light,  like the glow of the Moon.
  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


I offer these as 1-1 sessions or I can email you ideas and options to suit your requirements.

>> Pre-Pregnancy 

  • Fertility altar
  • Calling in the Soul 
  • Connecting to the Silver Cord 

>> Pregnancy 

  • Praise and gratitude
  • Pregnancy Altar
  • 120 Day Ceremony/ Soul Grounding
  • Third Trimester Blessing -Blessingway
  • Labour Day Ceremony

>> Birth 

  • Welcoming Ceremony
  • Mother Rise Ceremony - Initiated into physical Motherhood.
  • Naming Ceremony

>> Postnatal Period

  • Postnatal Altar
  • 40 Day Honouring the Mother
  • 90 Day Child’s Life Intention

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